The 710 Freeway should be extended

Re: “L.A. City Council spurns 710 tunnel, Aug. 29.” Just do it! Finish the 710 Freeway extension as originally planned more than 40 years ago and forget most of the protest from most of those who were not even around when the project was first started. Many have enjoyed living in the houses that were bought by the California Department of Transportation, including me, many years ago in El Sereno. Has anyone ever mentioned the inconvenience, noise and air pollution that has existed for residents in Alhambra, El Sereno and San Marino for all those years?

I used to drive the 710 for many years going to and from the City of Commerce and had to fight long delays at the north end, where I got off to wind my way through the surface streets to get to my home in El Sereno. I am sure that I was a part of the early noise and pollution. Then when I moved to Glendale I was able to take the 10 and 5 freeways to my home. Now I have been reading every year about the delays of finishing the project.

Enough is enough. I am sure the residents of those areas mentioned will appreciate the reduced traffic on their streets. The only impact of this extension is that it will be for the benefit of all. At least we will not have to keep spending monies on protesting and can use the funds to create jobs.

David Firmes


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