Commenting on a 'fat feast of nonsense'

Re: “A marriage of doctrine, politics,” Patrick Caneday's column, Sept. 8: Imagine me rubbing my hands together in delight as I contemplate Patrick Caneday's recent fat feast of nonsense that is his barely concealed rant. However, the word limit allowed for the rebutting of so much steaming intellectual compost would require a gargantuan quill skill I do not possess. Yet some of the vapidity is worth my effort to address.

Before I start, please know that I am not a believer in today's religious theologies (read “superstitions”). In my view they are all equal; wealth, age or mass of membership hardly differentiates them.

The most glaring statements Caneday made were regarding the quality of Mormonism-as-Christianity. But what business is that of anyone's? There are more flavors of Christianity than there are of ice creams. Caneday's choice of the word “cult” as a pejorative is so common today that it is ineffective. That his choice of religious fellowship is of a higher class of ignorati is mildly amusing, considering that he holds up the fact that Christians regularly perform an act of cannibalism — on their own god, no less. Really, it can't get much sicker than that.

And finally, he rightly points out that one must belong to one of these “congregations” in order to hold political office in this land of freedom for all — a shameful truism that, as Americans, we should hide under the rug, not wear as a badge of honor.

Sonny Shear


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