Bicyclists and bad riding manners

As a resident of Chevy Chase Canyon, I am all too aware of pros and cons of our bicycle society. It's great exercise and a green manner of transportation. As an elderly citizen, I admire their skill. However!

When cyclists — a single rider or two and three abreast — ride along our narrow canyon road, it is impossible to pass them without moving into oncoming traffic, which we don't do on our winding road.

Observing cyclists who don't stop at stop signs, cut in front of moving cars or switch to pedestrian zones when convenient is most troublesome, not to mention dangerous. If they are struck by a car, we know who gets the blame.

In taking the driving test last year, I was surprised at the number of questions related to bicyclists. Since this mode of transportation is being encouraged, why don't bicyclists have to take tests and be licensed? Many cyclists are considerate and try to obey the same traffic laws. Many do not. Someone please explain the one-sided civic responsibility.

Darlene Hubanks

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