Milk: It does a body good

I recently came up with a new idea for exercise that others might enjoy. I happen to love drinking milk, and I usually have a couple of gallons in the fridge. It occurred to me that since the gallon containers have handles, I could use them to exercise my arms with the milk in them.

I just take one container in each hand and start moving them around, making big circles with my arms, lifting them over my head, etc. After three or four minutes, I get a nice burn in my hands, arms and shoulders, then I rest and go again. If I'm staying at my apartment, I do this very quietly since noise will penetrate through to the neighbors', but occasionally I stay at my friend's house where I can play dance music and dance with the jugs, moving them around for the same burn.

I really like it because I don't have the clutter of weights lying around, plus there's something kind of soft and attractive about milk, softer and more attractive than steel weights.

Greg Dahlen

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