Glendale services are second to none

Re: “City: Don't read too much into Zurn move,” Sept. 22. Just because “officials say his leadership of two departments isn't a sign of things to come,” it doesn't mean we aren't in good hands with Stephen Zurn at the helm of any or all city public services.

In my 16 years in Glendale following 20 in Los Angeles, the level of service and performance by Glendale's staff, crews and contractors has been markedly better, even given a few hiccups along the way. And Zurn has remained friendly, positive and caring in a post that really calls for keeping the entire city functioning for residences and businesses alike.

Case in point, contracted street-tree-trimming services that swept through our Rancho area this week were professional, skilled and adhered to posted schedules. We really needed the work done, given the fair amount of fallen tree limb reports in the last year. In fact, their level of tree work is the best in recent memory to this tree-hugger who also appreciates certified arborist skills and the value of relieving large trees of dangerous weighty boughs, of opening up arboreal structures for better light and air circulation, and of improving their spatial relationships with adjacent trees.

Other public works services such as street light repair, biweekly street sweeping, and administration of infrastructure projects vis a vis resident concerns have demonstrated a quality level that must be in large part attributable to Zurn's direction.

Another reason to be glad we live in Glendale!

Joanne Hedge

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