Smoking in homes is not a government problem

I read in the News-Press an article (“Smoking restrictions back to dais,” Sept. 25) about the Glendale City Council considering a law that would make it a violation to smoke in your apartment.

I do not see why this a government problem. When someone rents or leases an apartment they sign a contract. If in that contract is says “no smoking,” they agree to it with a signature. It is the duty of the landlord, not the government, to enforce that agreement.

If someone who lives next door does not like that person smoking in their own home then they should notify the landlord, not some government agency. If the landlord does not do anything, then the person next door can take the landlord and the smoker to court instead of calling the smoking police.

Why are we thinking of regulating people living in their own homes that they paid for? What’s next — what we do in our own bedrooms?

Michael Kuretich

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