The world has changed in 53 years

In response to the letter to the editor written by Trent Sanders, “GCC ought to dispense with its empires,” Sept. 19, I would like to point out that having a campus police force is a must. The world today, versus back in 1959 when Trent Sanders went to GCC, has changed a lot and has gotten more violent. Nobody can ever foresee a tragedy, calamity or an accident.

That is why prevention is always the key. We know that the city police are always ready to help, but in a situation that needs an immediate action, having a department that is solely dedicated to help is a lot better than waiting for rescue.

Also in regards to recent events, campus shootings in particular are very alarming, not to mention sexual harassment, bullying and even gangs. Aren’t these enough reasons to be concerned for our safety in school? Is safety worth giving up over money? As a GCC student, I would say no. Having a campus police force may not be all that we need for complete safety, but it definitely is a huge help.

Mhaylene Senga

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