GCC campus police are necessary

As a GCC student, I was interested in reading Trent Sanders' letter titled “GCC ought to dispense with its empires,” Sept. 19. In the fourth paragraph Sanders questions the GCC police department and its costs. I disagree with Sanders because the police department is an educational source for students to learn. We also want a safe environment for learning.

Every educational campus should have its own police department. I have witnessed how GCC police control situations on campus. Two non-student men came to the job center and asked for a job. The job placement center worker said “There is no job opening.” They started yelling and were disappointed. The GCC police controlled the situation and took the men off campus.

Another reason for a GCC police staff is to take care of campus equipment from thieves, especially during the night. Some doors are open during the night and many students have classes until 10 p.m. Every campus needs its own police department.

Edith Elyasi

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