Griem's response was dogmatism

Bryan Griem's response to the In Theory question, “Should churches be able to support candidates?” in the News-Press on Oct. 7 was nothing short of a prime example of religious dogmatism. I wonder if he realizes the irony of his statement that the IRS wants to “grab our God money.” (Perhaps he has forgotten about “rendering unto Caesar....”) In any case, the very reason that churches are allowed to be tax-exempt is because they are theoretically “apolitical” organizations — otherwise, why allow them such an exclusion? Saying that “Christians have been misled” and calling our president “a bad apple” who doesn't represent “our generally agreed moral viewpoint” (lucky we have you, Griem, to tell us what that is) — hardly demonstrates Christian ideals and respect.

Griem could take a page from the other columnists, particularly the Mormon respondent, who all said it's not for them to endorse a candidate, instead of using the phrase “Vote for Romney” 10 times.

Let's hope the IRS takes a closer look at those churches who insist on having it both ways.

Mark Rozett
La Crescenta

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