Union should put children's needs first

Your Oct. 10 article, “District faces grim future,” shows there is a blatant disregard for putting our children's educational needs first by the Glendale school district. The textbooks in the Glendale district are a disgrace.

Why wouldn't Glendale Teachers Union President Tami Carlson sign off on the district's Race to the Top Grant application? Why won't she put our children's education above the teachers union's refusal to consider evaluations? I know there are fine, even great teachers in Glendale that put the children first. We are talking about $40 million. Time is running out. Carlson needs to sign off before the end of the month.

People are so upset that the teachers union will only support more taxes. If Carlson does not try for the “District Race to the Top” funding, there might be voters that will not vote for any of the initiatives for school funding on the ballot this November. We all need to put the children's education first in our priorities.

Marcie Jensen

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