Voters need substance from Krikorian

As the election nears, I ask myself, what do supporters of Greg Krikorian see that I do not?

I consider myself an educated and informed voter, but am puzzled by Krikorian's platitudes and do not find them helpful for someone who wants to keep an open mind. Take, for example, his campaign website. If you look at his 'Issues” page, you will find yourself deep in abstract generalities and slogans like “Responsible Government” and “Reinvest in Education.” Sure, everyone is for that.

But read beyond the titles and you will find simple paragraphs that suggest “partnerships between schools and businesses” and says Assemblyman Mike Gatto has “passed 16 job-killer bills.”

Krikorian, help us understand what you will do specifically. What would our schools look like if they partnered with businesses? Do you consider job-killing bills ones that protect air and water? Do you consider laws that regulate polluting industries laws that kill jobs? Be specific.

On Krikorian’s Facebook page you will see a barrage of posts criticizing Gatto, but when voters ask how Krikorian would do things differently, we are left with nothing. For example, he cites an “irresponsible government” for the reduction of funds going to community colleges, but he also criticizes the axing of redevelopment agencies, which allowed for more funding to go to schools. When asked how he would react to the situation differently, simply no response.

As voters, we deserve substance and clarity from candidates who think they can best represent us. Krikorian should use this opportunity to contrast his specific ideas for California with Gatto’s voting record. Voters have an obligation to make informed decisions and Krikorian, a candidate for the state Assembly who will ask for our vote in less than a month, is not helping.

Alek Bartrosouf

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