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Changes a chance to welcome the future

When it comes to mobile apps, there is nary an alternative choice for the News-Press or any other newspaper (“Upcoming changes,” editor’s note, Oct. 20). Mobile is the name of the game in publishing, as mobile devices allow us to get the content we want, when we want it, in a format that is designed for ease of use and for participation.

The real question is on the quality of the content, its relevance, and most importantly for a newspaper, its ability to truly be the Fourth Estate and help provide accountability from politicians and special interests eager to have their way with the public and with public money.

We need a vehicle to help inform the public and maybe even challenge readers to participate intelligently in local government. There is nothing worse than a voter who places his vote solely on the ethnicity depicted by the name printed on the ballot, or simply based on the party affiliation of the local candidate. We also need to bring back those who have given up and don’t participate out of cynicism.

There is a huge untapped opportunity to capture the level of political and economic awareness of the reading public. Let’s welcome this change as a way to promote a more enlightened and more empowered public. Let’s stamp out political ignorance and encourage stakeholder participation.


Grab that iPad, Android, Surface and any other mobile device and welcome the future.

Herbert Molano