Campus police serve an important role

The role of police on the Glendale Community College campus is important. As we all know, the police have the responsibility to enforce the law. Educational places such as schools, colleges and universities are expected to be far from any crime or illegal activities. But in the 21st century anything could happen. As a GCC student I feel safer to see the campus police patrol car driving around and making sure that nobody is harmed, being robbed or attacked.

One night I was walking through the bridge in order to get my car on parking’s sixth floor. Once I heard a noise becoming from the parking lot. Two teenagers were arguing about some issue which was not clear to me. All of a sudden the police patrol came on the scene and everything finished quickly.

The day after that we found out that somebody was trying to steal that student’s iPad and after the campus police showed up, he ran away immediately.

Anoosh Malikian

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