Don't forget to thank the police

“Please write how grateful we are to the Glendale police.” I can't understand why the most important comment I made, over and over, regarding this year’s solution to annual Halloween night trouble on Kenneth Road wasn't used by the reporter who interviewed me (“Cops in holiday crackdown,” Nov. 2.).

Instead of paying tribute to the friendly and patient officers — whose presence did indeed curtail vandals from disrupting fun neighborhood trick-or-treating — the article stressed past problems, arrests and curfew violations, and ended with a gloomy quote that homeowners are “fed up.” Talk about missing the point.

This year, in response to community requests for intervention, the Glendale police successfully put the “Happy” back into “Happy Halloween” on Kenneth Road — and we can’t thank them (especially Officers Fox and Luna) enough. In printing this letter, the paper will afford me a second opportunity to give credit where credit is due.

Lucy Brand

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