Halloween night was better this year

On behalf of our community, I would like to thank our men and women of the Glendale Police Department for the way they handled the people on Kenneth Road on Halloween night. With very limited resources, the officers showed their professionalism and method of operation in controlling the teenagers and sometimes adults acting like teenagers on Kenneth Road

I live near Kenneth Road and every year I get to see the insanity that takes place when people hide behind a mask. Sometimes, I think we need to have an age limit on who can go out for trick-or-treating. Most of the time, it is the adults who cause problems.

As I walked near Kenneth Road with my son on Halloween night, I immediately noticed a different environment in comparison to previous years. While my son was going door-to-door for candy, I was observing just how a handful of officers were controlling hundreds of people. However, the most impressive and important part was that the officers were doing it in a balanced way — very strict with the ones who were acting silly or stupid and yet not ruining it for the others.

In closing, I would like to say “thank you” to our officers and the Police Department for allowing our kids to enjoy a fun event in a safe environment.

Sam S. Manoukian

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