A driving lesson for the stop-sign challenged

It would be wonderful if you could run a daily or weekly public adviser to remind our local drivers as to the use and necessity of turn signals and stop signs. It seems that well over half have absolutely no idea what they are for, indeed that they even exist. Stop signs are the red and white signs that one sees at busy intersections or crosswalks. The bright red makes them hard to miss and the message on them is clear and unambiguous: “Stop,” not slow down, and not only when it's convenient or a law-enforcement officer is in view.

The readership would be astounded at the number of licensed drivers that cannot read this simple command. So that everyone is clear, if the vehicle is still moving very slowly, that is not a stop. If you are halfway over the white line, that is a violation, if you are 6 feet in front of it, you are just confusing all the other drivers at the intersection.

The right-of-way is not determined by the most courteous driver, the right-of-way belongs to the vehicle to your right. Turning right at a stop sign does not obviate the need to stop at the white line before turning. Just remember, a “stop” sign mean you’re supposed to stop!

Sonny Shear

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