Circuses should not use animals

I am writing to alert the Glendale community about the cruel treatment of animals by the Ramos Circus. The animals are confined to very small enclosures where they must stand or sit tied all day and night.

Many people have written to Glendale officials asking that they revoke the permit. The City Council and city officials have not revoked the permit nor even taken a stand. The schools should not accept free tickets from the Ramos Circus, as this demonstrates they support the circus. Children are then taught that this type of abuse is OK.

Most people are not educated in the cruel methods used not only to house the animals but also the cruel training methods. I am hoping the community members will boycott the circus. More importantly, I hope officials will protect these animals and seek proper care for them. This is urgent and action must be taken now to cease this cruelty. Our city should not support this and should ban any circus that uses animals to entertain people.

Nancy Klein

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