Limit transfers from GWP to General Fund

The City Council will be asking for citizens to vote and approve changes in the ordinance to justify the transfers of up to 25% of revenue from the gross revenues of Glendale Water & Power. I worked for GWP for 20 years, under the management of five different GWP managers who all have said behind closed doors that the General Revenue Fund was taking too much money. They would not say this in public because it would jeopardize their jobs.

The city charges all others doing business in our city a franchise fee of 3 and 4%. A 10% transfer from GWP should be the limit.

GWP is an enterprise company of the city, which provides a different kind of service and is not supported by tax dollars. When you cook in the kitchen you don't throw all of the food into one pot and expect it to come out delicious. Voters had better not approve any changes in our city’s charter unless it is the 10% limit.

Larry Moorehouse

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