A shot at Griem's 'In Theory' response

The subject of last weekend's "In Theory" section was very interesting, addressing what can be done to slow down the gun violence in our society. From the 10 responding people, clergy and lay people, five are for stricter gun control, two noncommitted, two wishy-washy and one for almost no gun control law, the Rev. Bryan Griem. His message of peace is let every citizen be armed to their teeth.

Rev. Griem, have you heard about citizens who legitimately carry guns — police, hunters, reservists, armed forces, Homeland Security, etc.?

If you want to hear a message why every American should be armed, you must rush to the Montrose Community Church. The Rev. Griem will personally tell you the time and place where the next gun show is being held.

Maria T. Hattick
La Crescenta

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