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Firefighters couldn’t have been better

We would like to thank all the Glendale and county firefighters that responded to our house fire on Dec. 17. We had a chimney fire that went into the attic, and we had no idea it was happening. There was no smell of smoke or smoke alarms that went off. An unknown, good neighbor seeing flames from our chimney called 911, and the Fire Department arrived and started to work its magic.

In no time at all, some were on our roof cutting holes to ventilate the fire while others were doing whatever they could to protect our belongings within. You would think it was the firefighters’ own home, the way they went above and beyond. After the fire was out they spent hours cleaning and covering the holes with plastic to protect from the rain that came later that night.

Due to their efforts, we lost nothing that cannot be replaced, and we have these heroes to thank for that.

The Cowell Family
La Crescenta