NRA missed its target on gun ideas

I'm really disappointed with the National Rifle Assn. After the Newtown massacre its spokesperson really came up short. He did not make it clear that multiple armed guards would be needed in almost every school, especially at larger schools, in order to minimize response times to incursions. It's also clear that it would be even better if every teacher was armed for maximum child protection.

The NRA also failed to mention the need for armed guards at churches, theaters, malls and any other venue where people congregate. And let's not forget to arm firefighters and other emergency personnel in light of the recent attack on fire responders.

But the NRA really missed the boat when it failed to recommend that it be mandatory that everyone over the age of 6 open-carry loaded guns, which would provide maximum nearly instantaneous protection from the bad guys in all situations. And finally, to fully implement the protection of the innocent, everyone should have loaded firearms in various locations where they live. These arms, of course, need to be loaded and readily available to fire in seconds. Therefore it would be foolish to have them in locked cabinets or have trigger locks. And it is obvious too that all these firearms should be automatic, so that precious protection time is not wasted by pulling the trigger for each shot.

I know what I just wrote is totally absurd and stupid, but it does mimic the arguments put forth by the NRA and many gun owners who are also unrelenting and unreasonably against any form of gun control. Yes, it is obvious that gun control by itself will not stop the horrific killings, but it is clear that it is an essential element in reducing the senseless violence.

Robert Morrison

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