Council needs to stop siphoning GWP

Citizens are being asked to vote for changes in the city charter so that it will be written to make sure the City Council can take revenues from Glendale Water & Power when needed, up to 25%. I highly recommend that everyone do their homework in understanding the financial condition of our utility. First off, it is in deep financial trouble and cannot pay for capital improvements needed right now.

The water system needs improvements, Grayson Power Plant is old, and the city is having to divest its coal plant resources from two large plants out of state.

These are all very big cost issues, and GWP does not have the money to deal with them. On top of all this the council is still wanting 25% of the gross revenues. All of these are going to kill the goose that has been laying the golden eggs all these years. By the time all this comes to a head, the current council, commissioners and GWP staff will be enjoying their retirements and those left behind will have to pay the bill for the next 50 to 75 years.

Larry Moorehouse

Editor's note: The writer is a retired GWP manager.

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