'Right to bear arms' has changed

When our forefathers wrote about the right to bear arms they had no clue of what the future would hold. “Arms” to them was a rifle that fired a single bullet before reloading, and it was the fear of a threat against their hard-fought freedom against the English. Those who now try and distort what is currently taking place with assault rifles and other weapons that create havoc on the public, wish only to deceive the public. The public is well aware that in the 21st century, the right to bear arms must adapt to the realities of modern weaponry.

No one is saying that those who wish to own a gun cannot do so. Now is the time, and it is long overdue, to restrict the possessions of assault rifles and other weapons that have no business in the hands of the general public. Weapons that can create, and do create, mass destruction should be in the hands only of the police and the military.

The Glendale City Council is considering the restriction of gun sales at the Civic Auditorium, which is in a residential area, has a church at one end and across the street is our community college. A situation there is ripe for a massacre such as those that have been taking place across the country. How many innocent lives must be lost before steps are taken to do as much as possible to prevent such grief and sorrow?

Glendale does not need to be a party to this business. We are a family-oriented city. We do not need to engage and promote gun sales. Glendale does not need the blood money.

Carole Weling

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