Hunting rifles, shotguns are enough

We all have read many strong and conflicting opinions regarding gun control since the Newtown, Conn., shooting. In my 66-plus years I finally have come to the position that the only legal guns should be hunting rifles and hunting shotguns, law enforcement and the military exempted. Ban and confiscate all the other guns out there. This has nothing to do with liberal or conservative positions, nor do I really wish to legislate my position and force others to obey the law the way I want. I just lack trust.

I don't trust the mental health profession or the general population to be able to spot all the potential gun-violent folks. I don't trust human nature.

If there are assault weapons or handguns available, then there is the temptation to use them. Knowing how I handle temptation, I don't trust us as a people to be able to resist that temptation, and I certainly don't trust politicians to look out for our best interests as a people, whether they be Republican or Democrat. I guess what I do trust is that if these types of weapons are no longer available then no one will use them.

I'm not a legal constitutional scholar but I think hunting rifles and shotguns more than satisfy any 2nd Amendment concerns, so I wish we as a society could reflect my lack of trust and ban all other guns.

Craig Kupka

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