Major problems at two intersections

I’ve noticed problems at two Glendale intersections: One is at Glendale Avenue and Glenoaks Boulevard.

Drivers going east on Glenoaks, then turning left on Glendale Avenue, often refuse to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

I lived in an apartment building nearby and barely avoided being struck by cars on many occasions. Why is there no left turn signal there? It’s a very dangerous intersection for pedestrians.

I wrote the city about it years ago and was informed that police would be stationed nearby, to observe. I saw an officer on a motorcycle only once. How many pedestrians have to be hit or killed trying to cross the street there before the city will take it seriously?

The other intersection is on West Glenoaks and Central Avenue. There are words clearly painted on the street saying “Do not block intersection,” but cars do — continuously.

I specifically mean traffic moving south on Central, stopping at the light at East Glenoaks.

Often I’ve tried to turn left onto West Glenoaks when traveling north on Central and have sat interminably while traffic going south refused to let me turn. I need to go south on Central in the morning, for my work commute, but have given up even trying — no one going south on Central will let me in.

That intersection is very dangerous and not policed at all. At the very least there should be cameras there to ensure the selfish drivers who block the intersection are ticketed for doing so.

Why is that not being done? Where is the police presence there, especially during the morning and evening commute times?

Nance Parry

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