Missing utility's 'From the Source'

Why has Glendale Water & Power stopped mailing "From the Source" to our homes? I looked forward to receiving the colorful and informative newsletter that gave me tips on water conservation, home energy use and numerous programs to help me conserve electricity and water.

It’s not bad enough that my water bill has almost doubled every month; now I’m not even receiving helpful information to suggest ways to be energy-efficient, conserve and save water. I also enjoyed the tips on buying different varieties of drought-tolerant plants.

I’ve heard through friends that residents can read “From the Source” on their computers. I’ve checked it out, and it certainly isn’t anything like the informative newsletter we used to receive in the mail. It’s inconvenient to go online to then have to keep scrolling down a narrow column that seems to go on forever.

I find it absurd that GWP expects residents to sit at a computer to get the information that they used to receive in the mail and enjoy at their leisure.

It seems to me that GWP has not only raised our rates, but no residents are not being mailed ways to keep their usage down. Why are we being charged more and receiving less?

Frances Quick

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