Not a fan of what Mohill stands for

Signs show that the April 2 Glendale municipal election is approaching. Good, because political participation fuels our democracy. I adorn my property and appreciate seeing messages in other yards, even for candidates I oppose.

All of us have a right to our opinions, but should people in business express their politics at their establishments? It has been my impression that shopkeepers don't want to risk turning customers off by partisanship.

For instance, signs for City Council candidate Mike Mohill in some Montrose establishments definitely make me less likely to patronize those shops.

I believe that Mohill's political school of thought would cost Montrose many more spenders, starting with retired city employees. A single-minded focus on shrinking government spending is not good for the economy and lowers the standard of living for workers, i.e., shoppers.

I would rather see a flurry of signs reminding people about the upcoming election and to get out and vote.

Roberta Medford

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