Glendale is full of good sandwich spots

I was surprised that the News-Press could not find any sandwiches worthy of mention in the entire city of Glendale (“Two pieces of bread put together with flair,” Feb.17).

Personally, I am not going to go to Burbank or Pasadena to get a sandwich, as the author encourages us to do, when we have so many great options here in the Jewel City.

Two of my favorite sandwiches are the spicy combo sub at Mario’s Italian Market & Deli (740 E. Broadway), which features a generous helping of spicy ham, spicy salami and spicy sopressetta on a delicious crusty roll, and the turkey deli classic from Billy’s (216 N. Orange St.), which contains what can only be described as a mountain of fresh-roasted real turkey breast.

I’m sure other readers have their own hometown favorites.

Too often, we sell Glendale short, given our more-famous neighboring cities.

I encourage the News-Press to avoid that mind set and instead highlight the many excellent culinary experiences that we have right here.

Sean Bersell

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