Editorial: Council is shooting itself in the foot

It's likely that the gun show being held at the city-owned Civic Auditorium this weekend will be the last of its kind at the local venue, as a majority of the Glendale City Council, led by Rafi Manoukian, appears poised to ban any such future shows there. 

Make no mistake: Banning the Glendale Gun Show will not stop gun violence. It is a token move — a balm to soothe a populace left on edge after the Newtown, Conn., massacre.

A ban will, however, drop the city's revenue by about $54,000 annually. That's the rental fee the operator of the local event shells out to present shows that have, for the past 20 years, been peaceful affairs and have never been tied to increased crime or violence.

Let's face it: People will still be able to buy guns elsewhere in Glendale. Sporting goods stores still exist, and there's nothing preventing a gun show from opening on private property. 

Allowing an emotionally charged issue to dictate public policy is questionable, at best. If the council bans the show, it will be throwing away good money at a time when it needs every dollar it can collect.

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