Money is not the issue at hand

Response to editorial titled: “Council is shooting itself in the foot,” March 2.

The City Council is not “shooting themselves in the foot” when they vote on the ordinance to ban gun shows on city property. Banning the gun show from city property is not about 2nd amendment rights, or curbing gun violence or losing money.

Over and over I have seen that written, and those assertions are wrong. The issue here in Glendale is that the gun show is on city property and nestled within a residential neighborhood.

Because the Glendale Civic Auditorium is across from our city college, less than half a mile from two elementary schools and a preschool, next to a church, park, skateboard park and baseball fields, it is in a residential neighborhood. This is the wrong place for a gun show.

Is it worth it to look in the face of a child in our community and say money or my 2nd amendment rights matter more than you do? I hope the City Council’s answers to these questions are no. The residents and especially our children matter more then all of the reasons listed. Mayor and City Council, please do the right thing, vote to ban gun shows on city property in Glendale.

Anne Nord

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