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News-Press provides faraway connection

Very interesting that I was looking for a friend who is a certified public accountant as well as a civic activist about 10 days ago, only to find out via the Mailbag (“A long-distance fan of the city clerk,” Feb. 23) that he is endorsing Ardy Kassakhian for reelection, and also to find out he has now moved to Athens, Pa.

Interesting to know that reading and subscribing to Glendale News-Press serves another purpose as well: You need to find someone, then read the News-Press. This was Dave Fortune, whom I met on many occasions doing research at the city clerk’s office. Dave’s contribution to our beautiful community will be sorely missed, and I certainly wish him well in Athens.

Dave took his precious time, effort and energy to get off a letter where he no longer has a vote to let the subscribers of the News-Press know how unique Ardy is, and the constructive changes that the incumbent has made within the department in bringing it up to 21st century technology. He has brought up the election technology so we no longer have to wait until 3 a.m. to get the results. He is always very motivated, well respected within his department, not timid in making positive changes, future-oriented and has a unique ability in working with people. Also, Ardy forms a special bond with our young people to get them involved in our political process. Yes, Ardy, you have earned my vote, and thank you for the high ethical standards and the good name you carry when representing our beautiful jewel city.


Gary Cornell