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Shocked by editorial about gun show ban

I was shocked by your editorial in opposition to a banning of the gun show on city property.

You stated: “Allowing an emotionally charged issue to dictate public policy is questionable, at best.”


There are 26 reasons the issue is emotionally charged — the faces of the children and teachers slaughtered in Newtown. Our love affair with guns; our culture of violence and unrestricted access to assault weapons and ammunition clips that hold multiple rounds have taken the lives of too many innocent people.

I don’t care how much rent the city will lose. Revenue doesn’t make wrong right. Wrong is wrong, and Glendale should disassociate itself from these merchants of death. I don’t think the city of Glendale should be in the business of selling alcohol or cigarettes, and I definitely don’t think the city should be in the guns and ammunition business.

Fred Fox