The Crosby Chronicles: Something good about getting older

When's the last time you went shopping for children's clothing? Specifically, sports clothing? I just spent nearly $300 at Sports Chalet so that my 9-year-old son could play baseball. And that's with a discount from his coach's company who is helping to pay for the costs.

Here’s what $300 got me:  pants, socks, belt, undershirt, cap, helmet, helmet guard, fielding glove, batting gloves, bat, cleats, and athletic supporter.

Now I don’t mind getting my son stuff that he needs. It’s just that by the time he plays baseball next year (if he plays baseball next year), I’ll have to replace almost of these items due to his natural growth spurt.

It makes me appreciate the fact that I can still wear the same shirt, socks, shoes, and pair of pants (give or take an inch) year after year. You see, there is something good about getting older.


BRIAN CROSBY is a teacher in the Glendale Unified School District and the author of "Smart Kids, Bad Schools and The $100,000 Teacher." He can be reached at

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