Questioning Kaye's journalistic integrity

Ron Kaye's continual vicious attacks on our Assembly member, Mike Gatto, never surprised us, given Kaye's long history of attacking Democratic leaders. But Kaye's latest hit piece masquerading as a column has left all of us questioning his journalistic integrity (“Wishing PACs would pack it in,” March 3).

Aside from being full of half-truths and innuendo inappropriate for a serious newspaper (and which would even be inappropriate if Kaye were a hired campaign consultant), Kaye's column doesn't pass the hypocrisy test. Ron Kaye slams PAC involvement in municipal races.

This is the man who in 2011 started a “Super PAC: CleanSweep PAC” with the express intent of determining the outcomes in not one, but seven local municipal races. Please save us from Kaye's hypocritical and toxic nonsense, and save your paper's reputation by checking facts.

Larry Nemecek

Editor's note: The writer is past president of the Burbank Democratic Club.

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