Guns, nausea and patriotism

Early on Friday, March 1, I drove by the Glendale Civic Auditorium and saw the garish gun show signs along Verdugo Road.

Nausea welled up in my throat as the 20 dead Sandy Hook Elementary School children and the 12 slaughtered Aurora movie theater patrons infiltrated my vision. The nausea was completed by remembering the harsh voices of NRA spokesmen and multitudes of gun owners that uncompromisingly refuse to consider even the minutest forms of rational gun control. It is so searingly sad to recognize that an opaque veil seems to shield the 2nd Amendment shouters from the horrors of gun violence.

American flags were flying over the gun show banners, suggesting that patriotism is associated with guns. Nonsense! Except for those weapons carried and used by the military and law enforcement personnel, there is absolutely nothing patriotic about owning and selling these killing machines.

Robert Morrison

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