Manoukian is wrong for the job

I wholeheartedly agree with city treasurer Ron Borucki that his position should be an appointed one. Some positions in city government should not be based on politics.

The city treasurer needs to have a background in banking. We need the best-qualified candidate, not the most politically connected, the most popular, or the one who can raise the most campaign funds.

The city treasurer should not be beholden to voters nor campaign donors; they need to do what is fiscally responsible and what is in the best interest of the city's assets.

I understand Rafi Manoukian's vested interest in obtaining the position. If Measure A passes, he could still become city treasurer, as long as he is the most qualified candidate. My personal opinion is that anyone who has so little regard for his own personal finances as to find it necessary to file for bankruptcy, no matter how many years ago, is not someone I would want to entrust with the city's funds.

Susan Roberts

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