Mystified by dithering, divisiveness

Re: “Sinanyan keeps seat for now,” March 13. Viewing the televised city council discussion of this issue Tuesday left one mystified by the dithering and divisiveness expressed by some of its members as they debated, then tabled, action to determine if city council candidate Zareh Sinanyan should be removed from the Community Development Block Grant advisory committee for hate speech attributed to him and posted by him on the Internet.

The City Council is charged with appointing, and occasionally removing for substantial reasons, its commissioners, and was thus doing due diligence by deciding to address the issue promptly. Disappointingly, there was a slow-motion toss under the proverbial bus of council member Laura Friedman.

Dismay was not over the outcome of the evening's events. It was over Sinanyan's refusal to unequivocally deny authorship of the hate-filled posts, leaving viewers certain of his guilt.

Furthermore, he unapologetically turned the issue into an accusation that Friedman raised concerns in order to damage his campaign en route to the April 2 election. His refusal to deny authorship, not the performance of due diligence by the city council including Friedman, served that purpose abundantly.

One trusts that facts, courage, and integrity will regain value in the body politic of Glendale so that efforts by its citizens toward unity and understanding, supported by honest and capable officials, will continue to bud and bear fruit.

Joanne Hedge

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