Sinanyan's silence was loud and clear

Re. “Sinanyan keeps seat for now,” March 13. I watched City Council that night and was bothered beyond words at what I saw and heard.

Councilwoman Laura Friedman was absolutely correct to bring this matter up before City Council. I was not only disgusted by the comments but also embarrassed that these comments were attributed to a Glendale city commissioner. When [City Council candidate Zareh] Sinanyan and his supporters tried to turn the comment section that night into an attack on Friedman, I really became disgusted. And then to read that this man actually “got out of his seat and whispered to his supporters: ‘She is lying’” infuriated me.

Sinanyan, a lawyer, should know better than anyone that when asked a direct question, a direct answer should be given. I lost count of how many times the very clear question, “Did you write these comments?” was asked. That question requires a simple yes-or-no answer. Sinanyan never gave a yes-or-no answer, he just kept repeating his memorized political-speak.

And then when Sinanyan said he had not seen the comments council members were referring to, I was truly blown away. Anyone accused falsely of such hate-filled comments would do everything and anything to clear his name. It is pretty easy to find said comments — just Google Zareh Sinanyan’s name. I could not believe that he didn’t take the time to do this immediately, or at least before the City Council meeting last Tuesday. Instead, he and his supporters tried to turn this into an attack on Friedman and it did not work.

Sinanyan never answered the question with a simple yes or no. In my opinion, that speaks volumes.

Lindsay Soderlund

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