Clerk's performance not under question

Experience doesn’t come from waking up periodically and saying you want to do something. Experience comes from a daily commitment of fulfilling your obligations, learning from your experiences and preparing yourself for your future work.

The incumbent city clerk, Ardy Kassakhian, has done this for the last eight years in Glendale and his work performance has demonstrated he is focused on streamlining complicated processes in government, enabling better access to public information, and ensuring that votes in Glendale are tabulated correctly while keeping the process transparent.

Even Kassakhian’s critics have retracted their statements critical of his management of the clerk’s office, indicating that his performance is not something that is under question. As someone who interned in the clerk's office during the Coro Fellowship Program and now volunteers for Ardy when possible, I believe the choice is clear.

Chris Margaronis
Santa Monica

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