In favor of Measure A

I’d like to encourage all voters to vote yes on Measure A on April 2. Your City Council placed this measure before you with the belief that it is time for our city treasurer to be appointed rather than elected.

Our investment portfolio is currently around $400 million. That is a far cry from decades past. It is extremely important that a skilled career money manager oversee our investment portfolio. More than 350 cities in California, many of them smaller than Glendale, have realized the wisdom of an appointed treasurer.

Would you be content with a neighbor or friend being elected treasurer and entrusted with investing such a large sum of our city’s money? Do you want a treasurer elected in a popularity contest? If that person mismanages our money, only the voters can remove him or her through an expensive, time-consuming recall election.

An ad running in the News-Press states that the City Council will select the treasurer. That statement is absolutely false. Four council members voted to place Measure A on the ballot [with language] that clearly states that they want the city manager to appoint the city treasurer. That will make the treasurer an at-will employee subject to removal for non-performance.

Please vote for Measure A and remove the city treasurer process away from the political realm. Do away with politics. We have enough politics around this city as it is.

Councilman Dave Weaver

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