Is disability act optional in city?

The city of Glendale has taken it upon itself to eliminate all disability parking on Salem Street, at the corner of Salem and N. Pacific Avenue, where one of the city’s most popular restaurants is located.

There is absolutely no parking on the restaurant side and not even a “loading zone” for the disabled. I spoke to Wayne Ko in Traffic and Transportation about this totally unacceptable omission and the response was that the city wanted a left-turn lane at this location (even though there is parking on the other side of the street that could accommodate this supposed need). He said he is intending to check with “the management of Clancy’s” as to whether they want a loading zone area painted at the front door of this restaurant. Currently, the parking offered is across an alley and then through the extensive bar area to get to the restaurant area.

Is it the position of the city of Glendale that the American Disabilities Act provisions are optional for both the city and businesses open to the public? My understanding is that compliance with ADA is mandatory, not a whim to be tossed aside at the city’s convenience. Why is common sense in such short supply down at City Hall?

Carole Weling

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