Living with a knee-jerk response

Thank you to the city council for banning the gun show on Glendale city property.

We all know that banning this show does not change a thing. We know gun violence will continue, that mass shootings will happen again, that we as a society cannot control an angry person with a legal or illegal gun in their hand.

As a lifelong Glendale resident, this vote of banning the gun show told me what I wanted to hear. Glendale will not profit from selling guns. Glendale will not be in the business of selling guns. 

This is an emotional issue. Every time I hear of another person shot and killed, be it domestic violence, a robbery, a mass shooting or an accident, I feel pain. 

I had an emotional response to Newtown. I am not ashamed of it. If banning the gun show from City property is a knee-jerk response, I can live with that.

Maureen Rasmussen

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