Reasons she trusts the incumbents

Ah, election season, when a young person’s fancy turns to casting aspersions and ballots. When forums become soap operas and blogs, well, blogs open up worm cans. All of which are good things.

For instance, after watching and listening to many different forums for all candidates appearing on the ballot, I have learned that this city is fantastic. Not that I ever doubted it. I have, at various times, lived elsewhere. and I come back, no, I come home, to Glendale.

Sure, things have changed in the 40 years I’ve been here; it would be an episode of the “Twilight Zone” if they hadn’t. But, Glendale is in good shape. The school district hasn’t laid anyone off, the city isn’t bankrupt, we are able to turn on lights and, if the need arises, Glendale Police and Fire are there when we need them. We aren’t broken. Nothing needs to be fixed. Sometimes, the best thing to do in life is nothing. So, with that, aspersions aside, my ballot will be cast. I trust the incumbents.

Eileen Young

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