News-Press endorsement for Glendale city clerk: Kassakhian

Though it can be a job that is not well-understood by the general public, the position of city clerk is a vital one, particularly when it comes to ensuring open and fair elections. For that reason, we endorse the reelection of City Clerk Ardy Kassakhian, who has greatly improved the voting experience for Glendale's citizens.

In particular, we point to the outreach Kassakhian's office has done with the Claremont McKenna Rose Institute, and the laudatory words of fellow Douglas Johnson, who said Glendale is on the “leading edge of looking for ways to improve the [elections] process.” In addition, the website is a tremendous election resource and the envy of neighboring cities.

Is the process perfect? No. Could certain things be done better? Of course. But Kassakhian has shown during his first two terms that he continually works make his office more efficient, transparent and responsive. He deserves a third term.

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