Council 'irresponsible' in gun show decision

Re: “Gun shows banned on city property,” the story on the decision of the Glendale City Council to prohibit the use of Glendale’s public buildings for sale of firearms. Glendale Mayor Frank Quintero was quoted as saying at Tuesday’s Glendale City Council meeting that, “it was well within the purview of local officials to set guidelines for use of public facilities.”

While it is certainly within the purview of the council to set public policy as representatives of the electorate, it is also a council responsibility to accept fiduciary responsibility. As Councilman Weaver pointed out, the decision to prohibit the use of Glendale’s public facilities for the sale of firearms is strictly a philosophical one.

The action of a majority of the council set in motion a lawsuit for a breach of contract with a vendor. Some members of the council acknowledged the risk of the lawsuit, but voted to end the contract anyway.

This is irresponsible. While I accept their personal and philosophical belief that the sale of firearms at a public facility is something that should be curtailed, I am not willing to accept the cost associated with failing to abide by contractual obligations. There are legal and responsible methods of ending a contract. Embroiling the city in an unnecessary and expensive lawsuit is not a responsible way for any official to act. Sometimes emotions need to be held in check in order to permit clear thinking.

Robert B. Taylor

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