New-Press misrepresented Measure B facts

Before the election, when the News-Press endorsed Measure B and even afterward, it continued to report that the measure would essentially modernize antiquated accounting language dealing with the city’s practice of transferring millions in GWP revenues to support public services, compliance with generally accepted accounting principles, and updating outdated language to streamline the accounting process.

In effect, the News-Press is complicit with the city officials in misrepresenting the facts to the voters. If this was true, why did the News-Press also report that, “Officials contend that without the transfer, the city could not afford to maintain current public services.” This is what it is really about. City officials put the measure on the ballot after they learned of the grand jury investigation last July, and they failed to disclose it to the public until after the interim report.

Professor Harry Zavos has on numerous occasions articulated in letters to the News-Press the real impact Measure B would have on the community. Yet this has fallen on deaf ears. It doesn’t really matter whether or not Measure B passes, since city officials have said they would still continue to transfer up to 25% of GWP’s revenues to the general fund even if it didn’t pass. Even with the grand jury interim report warning that the city’s transfer may be in violation of Propositions 218/26, city officials continue to be in denial by stating that it does not apply to Glendale. Why can’t the News-Press put a name to who these city representatives are? The fate of Measure B won’t be settled at the ballot box but ultimately in the courtroom.

Kenneth Landon

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