An obnoxious and mean-spirited letter

Maybe letter-writer Dean Briggs (“Thoughts on reaching across the aisle,” April 17) needs to reread the actual In Theory question about interfaith marriage that was asked to the panel. It was not whether we should have contact with or help our fellow human beings regardless of religious or spiritual convictions, but whether marriage can survive and grow when there is such a difference in thoughts and beliefs.

I found his letter to be obnoxious and mean-spirited. I enjoy reading Sunday's In Theory section and always look forward to the Rev. Bryan Griem's answers because, unlike most of the panel, he doesn't try to be politically correct or play to the majority of public opinion.

Briggs's thoughts of marriage, “taking someone else's hand and with a little luck and a lot of hard work” etc., sound like he's living in an idyllic world. Who should compromise their true religious beliefs? And what kind of loving partner would want you to throw away your faith? I can see nothing but problems from the start for any couple with such a huge difference.

Marriage is tough enough merging two people’s lifestyles without having a foundation of love and core beliefs. Without that central connection, no one can grow together and be effective, which is what the real question was.

Teri Thompson
La Crescenta

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