What hope for future does Sinanyan offer?

I am very glad that Zareh Sinanyan finally took the step to own up to his offensive remarks made in the past on YouTube.

And for his sake and for ours, I'm grateful for Zehra Siddiqui, the Glendale High freshman whose remarks brought him to the point of honesty about those remarks. I am left, however, with deep reservations about Sinanyan, whose record shows him (a) maintaining silence until after the election, (b) accusing a council member of lying for exposing those remarks, and (c) taking responsibility only when confronted by Miss Siddiqui. I question why all the other citizens who asked for an explanation were not able to “get to him.”

What hope have we in the future for responsible representation from Sinanyan?

Honor Haase
La Crescenta

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