Bemoaning the loss of GCC cheer program

As I was reading the newspaper, I couldn’t help but notice the article about it Glendale Community College cutting its cheer program.

I feel that we should all take a greater interest in the education of the next generation. It is such a shame that such a hard-working and devoted school should have to eliminate a much-loved program. 

I am displeased that such a terrible thing happened, and I know that there are others that feel the same way. It may have been inevitable, but nonetheless, it is a great loss. I myself am involved in sports, and although the cheer program is not an authorized intercollegiate sport, it was an award-winning program that had more than 50 students participating. I am deeply saddened that a great school would have to resort to this “solution,” as have many schools before them. 

Alexander Aceytuno
La Crescenta

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