Recycling can make a big difference

I am a seventh-grader at St. Bede Elementary School in La Cañada. I am trying to bring awareness to the benefits of recycling to your readers.

The seventh-graders at St. Bede School have worked hard this week to recycle $68 worth of cans. Our class wants your readers to know that you can also make a big difference in your community by recycling. You can make the world a better place if you recycle because you will conserve energy and save valuable landfill space that is greatly needed by the city of Glendale. Also, you may sell your cans to a nearby recycling plant and make a lot of money. You can donate this money to a local charity that helps the homeless people in Glendale. You can have a direct impact on your community while helping others in great need.

Thank you for your consideration and note that every hour, Americans throw away 20 million cans that could be recycled. Think of all that wasted energy. So before you toss a can or bottle in the trash, think about recycling.

Andrew Nettels

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